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Insights for Potential Investment

It was an epic journey and we enjoyed every minute.

Healthy snack


A hedge fund company in the U.S. wanted to invest in the Brazil healthy snack food market. They wanted to understand the size of the healthy snack food market in Brazil, incumbent market players and their characteristics, along with customer modeling and insights. They also required a thorough product and pricing intelligence, manufacturing and logistical awareness of the Brazil market, and business risks analysis. As final steps, they needed detailed financial modeling of the market and a comparison of Brazil snack food market with the U.S. market. KeyInsite’s role was to work on all of the above requirements and provide a confident taste of the Brazil snack food market before the client made their valuable investment.


KeyInsite’s tailored and exclusive approach breaks the problem into a series of methodical steps in order to produce a solution for our clients’ that is measurable and readily implementable.

As a first step, KeyInsite conducted an intensive market analysis on Brazil with a view to illustrate the country’s economic, social, technological, political and legal landscape.

KeyInsite then conducted a detailed customer analysis providing demographics, segmentation, buying patterns and customer trends.

Once the customers were defined, a thorough analysis of the healthy snack food market was conducted. This comprised of market size, highlights in the healthy snack food market, various product categories and their growth trends.

KeyInsite then conducted a competitive analysis identifying four major players, and mapped their winning products on a tailored pricing and quantity matrix.

Due to the popularity of nuts in the segment, a detailed research was conducted on them, providing insights on various nuts in brazil, their usage in healthy snacks, production levels, imports, pricing analysis and taxation was provided.

A complete supply chain analysis of the healthy snack market was then provided, identifying key influencers and simplifying logistical complexities.

Taking into account the cultural and language differences from the U.S, key market risks and challenges were illustrated to make the investing company fully aware of all the major pitfalls and road blocks in the market.

With a view to gain perspective, a comparison of the Brazil market was then painted against the U.S. market.

As a final step, possible business structures were recommended and a financial model was created which provided an understanding of gross margins, operating costs and various other financial matrix that were relevant to the client’s decision making process.


The research and models created by KeyInsite helped the client create a clear go-to market plan and a winning investment strategy.

Insights for Potential Investment - Keyinsite