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Viral Videos: 4 Expert Tips To Make Your Video Viral Today

We have come a long way from focusing only on the sacred 4Ps (Product, Price, Placement and Promotion) of marketing. Do you agree? The dawn of the digital era brought with it new buzzwords and jargon, like ” viral videos ”, all of which made for smart ice-breakers, but proved to be difficult concepts to understand and, even more, to master. One such catch phrase, which has had the whole …

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I’d like to take some time to talk about a few revelations in social media and advertising that have inspired me to think of creative ways that the digital marketing community can utilize humor, emotions, and identity to create customers and sell a product. I was browsing when I found the following stories. I’d like to share them with you. Self-Driving Vehicles (Plus a Tyrannosaurus Rex!) We’ve all heard about …

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With the upcoming Digital Marketing Workshop at Retail’s Digital Summit on September 26, focus on the evolution of digital marketing has come to the forefront of the conversation. Key speakers at the summit are slated to discuss important issues, such as learning how to use Live Chat, using proven customer acquisition tips, making email marketing campaigns more efficient, considering the importance of digital commerce programs, and how Google’s “Rank Brain” …

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Have you ever wanted something specific for your wardrobe, furniture collection, or household – but you aren’t sure how to find what you want? Maybe you’ve been able to picture a beautiful black dress in your head, but you haven’t been able to successfully find the outfit through any retail store near you. It seems too risky to shop for clothing online, especially when you aren’t sure what you’ll …

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