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Our core competency lies in data-driven marketing. We obsess over research, study trends and develop algorithmic frameworks that have resulted in successful outcomes for our clients.
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It all starts with uncovering insights that help refine the landscape of opportunity. Our focus is on helping companies solve their business issues by integrating our resources with their teams in a way that saves them time. For each assignment, we map all relevant information sources and form insights based on a 360 view of the market (or consumer). By doing so, our clients are able to focus on inspiring their organizations to make the right business decisions to gain a competitive advantage.


Get fans and conversions for your business on ideal social platforms. We’ll reach your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels for pay per click campaigns that meet your business needs. W ith its large audience, low cost per acquisition, and high-quality ad placements, social marketing is a perfect inclusion to your business marketing strategy. Our digital advertising strategy targets ideal users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.


Receive a detailed breakdown of your customer behavior on your digital assets, recommendations on how to improve their experience and subsequently increase conversions. We analyze and explain your website; social media data in plain English and deliver custom reports to you and your clients. We analyze your Google Analytics, Adwords, Social Media data and deliver the most important and interesting insights on your traffic’s KPIs, including their customer journey, funnel visualization and critical drop offs.


We increase leads, sales, and revenue with proven remarketing strategies: placing suitably designed ads in front of users at the best decision-making moment; using bidding strategies based on audience segment, location, time of day, and device type for higher ROI; spending with placement, contextual, topic, and behavior-based optimizations; using the right networks to expand remarketing reach; and auditing all your tracking codes to verify that you are not wasting any of your remarketing.


Advertising in display—for branding, lead generation, e-commerce, direct response—can be affordable and profitable, and has a long marketing reach. You must be cautious, however, because wrong budgets, bids, or targeting choices can waste your money fast. KeyInsite can help your business prevent unnecessary wastefulness. We have a wealth of expertise and experience in creating profitable channels for all kinds of display network our clients use —text, rich media, video, and social.


Only use what works. We optimize every stage—search, ad, conversion—of your online customer cycle. KeyInsite has the technology, tools, and manual account optimizations to strengthen your account. We will identify what attracts the most revenue for your business with attribution modeling— uncovering data that helps us optimize your account. A/B and multivariate tests further tell us what is most effective for your business. And to take full advantage of peak seasons, we develop the ideal plan well ahead of time.


KeyInsite increases the number of quality leads your business is getting—leads that end up converting. We have been doing it for years, for businesses in a variety of industries. By tying your backend data into your search, display, and social marketing campaigns, we can increase revenue and reduce costs for your business. We get rid of placements that are attracting low-quality traffic—meaning customers that fail to convert. We create the ideal digital marketing combo that uses search, display, social media, remarketing, and other marketing channels.


Show up when your customers look for you. Getting your products listed on Google’s search results is sure to draw quality attention to your business. KeyInsite sets up both parts of your PPC campaign on Google Shopping Ads properly—your product feed and your PPC campaign to display your products. We set up product descriptions, attributes, and titles so that Google displays them when customers enter a search. Then we structure the campaign to promote your product, using seasonal offers and discounts to create customer desire.


KeyInsite can almost certainly optimize your efforts more effectively through an account audit. We can maintain and optimize your AdWords account—through keyword research, campaign design, ad writing—driving more traffic to a page that converts by filling out a form, calling, or making a purchase.We use customized tools, technology, and manual reporting to improve PPC efficiency. We consider clicks, leads, sales, business plan, and revenue from search marketing campaigns before executing for your business.


A little help can lead to surprising benefits. Through periodic audits followed by clear and actionable reports, we’ll ensure your pay per click campaign is working at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. KeyInsite will thoroughly review your current PPC account with a fresh, expert lookover—to identify all the ways it can be made more effective. We will identify an ineffective or downright wasteful use of money, ad performance, negative keywords, and other KPIs (key performance indicators). At the end, we will prepare a clear, useable report to make optimizations.


Driving traffic to your landing page is only half of the challenge. KeyInsite also handles the other half—creating effective custom landing pages that persuade visitors to convert. Some of the elements involved in creating a unique offer are these: a directive headline; summarized benefits in focused copy; simple form fields; a graphic representations of the offer; little-to-no site navigation; and a value-reinforcing testimonial, reviews, or a statistic. We can create winning landing pages—while also optimizing with A/B testing for specific conversion improvements—in addition to managing your PPC accounts.


Get ready for more results. We’ll make sure your PPC formula is superbly effective, producing your desired results, through a thorough analysis of your PPC campaigns. KeyInsite has the experience and expertise to potentially identify factors that are affecting your PPC campaign performance. We offer consulting and training to in-house PPC teams, hourly PPC consulting where we serve as consultants or do the work ourselves remotely or in-person, and PPC audits and reviews with clear reports to ensure that your keywords are optimized.


Smartphone searches is close to surpassing desktop searches, which is why you need to have strategies for mobile advertising. KeyInsite tests ads on every channel—Google, Facebook, Twitter, display networks, and others—to discover what is most effective. With bidding strategies customized for devices and locations, we maximize your ROI. By matching the right call-to-action to the place and way customers are searching, we can increase awareness for your brand business. Cross-channel attribution allows us to make better-informed decisions.


For great conversion results, make your ads look natural in other languages—because, although English has become the international language, research shows people prefer to browse in their first language—and place them in the right locations. KeyInsite places your ads in the most relevant global and local search sites. We will use keyword most suitable for other cultures, ensure your ads are clear and appropriate, and make the conversion path simple.


Lead customers down a lush conversion carpet. We’ll design strategies to increase conversions once traffic increases. We increase short- and long-term results by making the journey for your visitor as slippery as possible. We analyze the subtle differences in visitor behavior and create the best results for your business through various optimization strategies such as A/B testing, ensuring uniformity of voice, suggesting website design changes, and emphasizing exclusive offers or differentiators.


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