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Insights on the Caribbean Call Center Industry

It was an epic journey and we enjoyed every minute.

Call center


A director of a multinational mobile phone network provider operating in 31 markets wanted to study the opportunities for Call Center outsourcing in the Caribbean region. His most important interest was the “near-shoring” market of US & Canadian call centers towards the English speaking Caribbean. KeyInsite was tasked to provide data driven answers on the market and competitive landscape, with relevant financial analysis.


KeyInsite’s tailored and exclusive approach breaks the problem into a series of methodical steps in order to dissect the opportunity and produce a solution for our clients that is insights driven and readily implementable.

As a first step, KeyInsite conducted an intensive market analysis on the Caribbean region with a view to understand the region’s complexities and diversity, in relation to the client’s focus opportunity.

Then we conducted an intensive analysis on the services and the sector that the client was operating under and how the new contact center opportunity will play a key role in the client’s portfolio and growth.

KeyInsite then defined the opportunity that the client was targeting, which in turn helped us derive the target segment and potential offerings, from a top-down and bottom-up perspective.

Once a segmented opportunity was identified, KeyInsite then provided trends and data driven answers on the Caribbean region call center market size, growth rates, employment, revenue and impact of the sector on the economy.

Keyinsite then plotted a cost and wellbeing matrix of top seven Caribbean countries, rating their conditions in terms of tax laws, labor, real estate, attrition, smog, transportation and security; with a view to illustrate to the client the best location to focus their efforts.

A financial model was then build and created exclusively for this client, illustrating various costs and revenues in the top Caribbean countries. These costs were then mapped against the other destination for outsourcing such as India, Philippines, Canada and Mexico.

Post this; a comprehensive customer analysis was conducted, illustrating the size of the opportunity and the nature of the business.

Finally, a comprehensive competitor analysis was conducted, along with key success factors in the region, demonstrating opportunities for merger and acquisition in the Caribbean near-shoring segment.


The client had a definitive plan and insights that he could take to his board, about an opportunity, the backbone of which was the research conducted by KeyInsite.

Insights on the Caribbean Call Center Industry - Keyinsite