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Insights on Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices

It was an epic journey and we enjoyed every minute.



A pharmaceutical company in the U.S. wanted to make a decision to start using big data and analytics platforms with a view to improve the quality of their marketing campaigns and gain a better value for the money they are spending in their marketing channels. KeyInsite was required to research specific case studies of how other pharmaceutical companies were using big data and predictive analytics in their decision making, product improvement and marketing.


KeyInsite’s business intelligence and modern approach helps it follow trends in emerging sectors and provide its clients information that is current and timely. Due to this, KeyInsite could leverage its Big Data and Predictive Analytics expertise to provide a comprehensive research and relevant case studies that helped the client make a holistic decision.

KeyInsite first conducted a detailed analysis on the pharmaceutical and health care sector in order to understand the market landscape.

KeyInsite then identified three pharmaceutical and health care companies that are utilizing Big Data and Predictive Analysis.

An in-depth research was then conducted on how these companies are leveraging their analytics capabilities to optimize production and marketing spent.

Three case studies were then drawn displaying the type of data analyzed by these companies, uses of this data and direct benefits gained.

These case studies were then presented to client and recommendations were drawn on how the client can use big data and predictive analysis to optimize its marketing campaigns and spent.


The client had a clear picture of the benefits and received exactly the type of research that would help them make an informed decision.

Insights on Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices - Keyinsite