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Insights into Mobile App Market in India

It was an epic journey and we enjoyed every minute.

Mobile App Market in India


An innovative technology start-up company in India had newly launched a mobile application servicing the customers in the automobile segment. For the purpose of product improvement, the company wanted to review their competitor’s mobile application against their mobile application. KeyInsite was tasked to benchmark the criteria for the review and rate each of the mobile applications against those criteria.


KeyInsite’s tailored and exclusive approach, breaks the requirements into a series of methodical steps in order to produce a solution for our clients that is specific and insights driven.

As a first step, KeyInsite conducted an intensive analysis on the automobile sector in India and the various uses of mobile applications in this sector.

KeyInsite then studied the five mobile applications, including the client’s product, with a view to understand their offerings, products and features.

Once a thorough understanding of the sector and the applications was established, various criteria were researched and eighteen key criteria were selected as best possible measures to evaluate the mobile applications. This included user interface, performance, navigation, design, graphics, location services, social sharing, customization options and gamification in the app.

Each of the apps was then rated against these criteria and a visual summary of the conclusions was created.


The client had a clear picture of where its app stood against its competitors and which parts of the product needed improvements.

Insights into Mobile App Market in India - Keyinsite