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Increased Newsletter Signups Using Social Media

It was an epic journey and we enjoyed every minute.

shoe designer


An upscale shoe designer in downtown Manhattan wanted to increase awareness of his brand and develop a strong conversion funnel.


The principle objectives of the SMO project:

– Increase product sales and newsletter signups via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

– Optimize ad campaigns across all channels and drive users onto the client’s website

Track conversions and monitor engagements across all channels


– Use paid Facebook ads to attract target audiences

– The ads were aimed at driving signups for the Company newsletter

– Increase sales / conversions by driving social media traffic onto the e-commerce website

– Optimized ad campaigns through demographic targeting

– Real time analytics on the back end and website traffic monitoring

– Analyzed the customer engagement and provided strategic / actionable recommendations to improve the campaigns


– Identifying the optimal target market and demographics

– Understanding the behavior of the user to drive engagement (i.e. what time of the day to target, ads through mobile vs. desktop etc.)


– Growth in product sales / conversions

– Increase in website traffic and user engagement (via newsletter signups)

– Increase in brand and product awareness to new and existing clients

– Optimized all social media campaigns to increase ROIC (Return On Invested Capital)

Increased Newsletter Signups Using Social Media - Keyinsite