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Go To Market Strategy For Fashion Technology Company

It was an epic journey and we enjoyed every minute.



A start-up entrepreneur built an innovative technology to protect the luxury goods consumer market against counterfeiting. The entrepreneur had developed a mobile application around the technology that could help luxury brands in their customer relationship management and also provide product authentication power to luxury brands customers. The entrepreneur wanted to take the technology to the market to pitch to potential investors and also pitch to luxury brands to adapt to his revolutionary product. KeyInsite’s role was to work with the entrepreneur to create a pitch deck that would wow the investors and customers’ pitch deck that would help them adapt to the product immediately.


KeyInsite’s tailored and exclusive approach creates data rich yet creative pitch decks that help our clients build a strong influence on their target audience.

As a first step, KeyInsite conducted an intensive analysis on the services and the sector that the client was operating under. KeyInsite also investigated the technology and layered down the uniqueness and value proposition of the service, the client’s product was offering.

KeyInsite then defined the problem the client’s product is solving, which in turn helped us derive the target group that would benefit from the offerings, from a top-down and bottom-up perspective.

Once a target group was identified from a macro level, each of the subgroups within the market was defined on a micro niche level.

KeyInsite then conducted an intensive research in each of the micro groups to understand their behavior and attitudes towards the product. In the process, some of the groups that were earlier thought as relevant were discarded, which in turn helped us in plotting the true market size for the product.

KeyInsite also conducted primary and secondary research along with predictive analysis to provide fresh and influential insights.

KeyInsite worked with the client to create a decision tree and ideas that would help the client find important clues to convince the investors and luxury brand owners.

The data rich content was plotted from authentic sources such as government databases, industry bodies and whitepapers exclusive to KeyInsite’s authority.

Detailed analysis was then conducted for the client around the topics relevant to the product and the market. These analytics were around social media chatter that the luxury brands customers were engaging with and to display how the client’s product can increase the social media reach for luxury brands.


A specific and exclusive investor deck was created along with a customer pitch deck that was persuasive enough to place our client in a winning position.

Go To Market Strategy For Fashion Technology Company - Keyinsite