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Case Study – Paid Traffic Results

It was an epic journey and we enjoyed every minute.



A brand that has evolved into more than just a new and exciting product by inspiring women with a innovative stack of swimwear, that can be worn many different ways with just one unit of swimwear.


The principle objectives were:

Conduct a thorough diagnostics on client’s existing Facebook posts/campaigns based on a mutually agreed upon timeline and fix to build basic infrastructure for Facebook tracking on Google Analytics

Set up goals for Facebook on Google Analytics

Conduct a diagnostics on the current website analysis and determine/comprehend the existing funnel and new funnel strategy for Facebook. Provide key insights and strategic recommendations for Google Adwords and PPC strategy

Provide and present a detailed comprehensive report based on the analysis mentioned above


Quick Fixes/Improvements were implemented and executed

Setting up Google AdWords with suggested keywords to drive traffic

Created multiple ad copies thus increasing CTR

Drafted and Developed a comprehensive remarketing campaign plan through insights gathered from the analyses

SEO Strategies to better improve site performance

Assisted with rapid experimentation and A/B testing

Case Study – Paid Traffic Results - Keyinsite